У Нины Добрев появился новый четырехлапый друг

Звезду сериала «Дневники вампира» Нину Добрев можно поздравить с пополнением в семье. Актриса решила «усыновить» очаровательного щенка по кличке Маверик.

У Нины Добрев появился новый четырехлапый друг

Порода нового хвостатого друга Нины, которому всего 9 недель, остается загадкой даже для его новой хозяйки. Как призналась сама актриса, вероятнее всего родителями Маверика были австралийская овчарка и бордер-колли, но для того, чтобы получить достоверную информацию, Добрев все же решила сделать специальный ДНК-тест.

Нина также активно приобщает своего нового любимца с звездной жизни. Она даже создала для него отдельный Instagram-аккаунт. Маверик не мог не очаровать пользователей этой социальной сети, поэтому буквально за несколько дней щенок насобирал больше 50 тысяч поклонников.

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Hi. My name is Maverick Do(g)brev. I like long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners in doggie bowls. I have a brother named Goose and we're both 9 weeks old. I keep hearing the giants around us say that we're half Border Collie half Aussie Shepard, but I guess we won't know for sure until we get a DNA test. We stayed at this hotel called @the_pet_care_foundation for a little while, and it wasn't too bad, but I'm SO much happier where I am now. I have a yard, and toys, and a new mommy. Don't tell her I said this, but I find it strange she has no fur anywhere except for her head. But she always rubs my tummy and showers me with love, so her lack of hair doesn't bother me too much. Goose and I still get to play all the time since my auntie @cheeklane fostered him until he finds a forever home, so that's cool too. I'm really hoping someone in their friend circle keeps him so we can continue to hang out because I love him very much. Mommy said that if it wasn't for @puppyluvla she wouldn't have found me, so I'd like to send a special Wuff Wuff to them. And to @the_pet_care_foundation for sheltering us until mommy came to rescue us. We appreciated all the food you gave us while we stayed with you. Anyway, mom's calling, she doesn't love it when I'm on social media too much, especially when it's so sunny and beautiful out.. she says I need to get more vitamin D. Whatever that is. She's already trying to teach me tricks, and I love to impress her, so I'm going to go show her how smart I am. I'll take some videos so you can see how smart I am too. Did I mention I'm super smart? Oh, and I'm the cutest puppy in the world. That's what my mommy says. Puppy Love, Maverick 🐶❤️

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Звезда сериала «Дневники вампира» всегда была очень привязана к животным и считала их неотъемлемой частью своей жизни. В марте этого года скончалась ее любимая кошка Линкс. Нина очень тяжело перенесла потерю своей верной пушистой подруги, с которой они был неразлучны больше 18 лет.

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To my sweet sweet angel, As I look back on the last 18 years together, I smile through my tears. You brought me so much joy, love, unlimited cuddles and so many sandpaper kisses. I still remember the first day I brought you home, the size of a tea cup purring as I held you in my hands. You were so fragile and furry, as soft as the worlds tiniest cashmere blanket. I knew in that moment you were my soulmate. From there our long journey began and we were inseparable. We grew up together in Toronto, then you followed me to Atlanta, and from there we road tripped across the United States through New Orleans, Austin City, Amarillo Texas, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, we even saw the Grand Canyon for our first time together. Our last chapter and final destination was here in Los Angeles. I hope I was able to give you a beautiful happy life filled with love, because that's what you gave me. Saying goodbye to you on Saturday was the most difficult thing I have had to do in my life. It was bittersweet, but I'm so happy I got to hold you in my arms one last time. My heart hurts, I miss you more than I words can explain but I can still feel your presence, energy and light. I know you're still with me and will always be a part of me, no matter where I go. In sickness and in health until death do us part. My longest relationship, my rock, my best friend. I love you. ❤😿💔 #RIP 9 lives. 9 names. Bambi Jami Jamilia Lynx Jami Lynx Jinx Jimmy jam Poop Jammie

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У малыша Маверика также есть родной брат по имени Гусс, и сейчас Нина Добрев очень обеспокоена его будущим. Актриса активно ищет щенку новый дом и хозяев. Искренне надеемся, что в скором времени Гусс попадет в надежные, любящие руки, как и его брат.